Clockwork: Day 3

18 05 2011

“Don’t be surprised if you forget where you are: Clockwork‘s world might be made of puppets and pictures and snatches of songs– but for seventy minutes my senses were totally mesmerised…” 

Click the image below to  hear some of the music that accompanies the odd goings-on in the town of Glockenheim, where just one simple little tune could be the difference between life and death… “‘What’s he doing? That sword is sharp– stop it, Doctor! Make it stop!’ 
Dr Kalmenius whistled two or three bars of a simple, haunting little tune, and Sir Ironsoul fell still The point of his sword was right at Karl’s throat…
‘What is that tune?’ said Karl. ‘Why does he stop for that?’
‘It’s a little tune called ‘The Flowers of Lapland’.’ said Dr Kalmenius. ‘He likes that, bless him. He stands still to listen to it, and that tips his balance wheel the other way, and then he stops. What a marvel! What a piece of work!’*

Book your tickets for Clockwork now by calling EPT’s Box Office on 0141 577 4970.

Sunday 22 May | 2pm
Standard £7
Concession £5

*Philip  Pullman, Clockwork, 38, 40




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