Lottery @ Clarkston Library

12 09 2012

Eastwood Park Theatre Presents


by Lowri Potts

Saturday 29th September
Clarkston Library
Running time 45min

Tickets £6 / £5

Alan is racing against time to find his lost lottery ticket. Fizz has come to study in the quiet sanctuary of the library. What they find amongst the books is a bright mixture of truth, pain, love and something both young people were missing, a voice.

 If you’ve never been to a play in the library before – here’s your chance!

 Book online

Tel 0141 577 4970


Play In A Week: How to Win a Gold Medal

27 07 2012

With the Olympic Games well underway, join us to consider what event you would choose to represent your country in – if ANY event was possible…We’ll need to go about training and, of course, find a suitable victory celebration.  During the week we’ll develop drama skills using movement, our voices and games to create our own show to share with friends and family on Friday afternoon.  You don’t need to be athletic to triumph but what do you have that will take you all the way to the top step of the podium?

Eastwood Park Theatre

Mon 6 – Fri 10 August

10am – 4pm daily

Recommended for age 7 – 11 years

£100 / £50 concession

To book call 0141 577 3008.

The Hunted; In Rehearsal, A Catch Up with Kirsty Stewart

21 09 2011

“Most teenagers have problems with friends”                                                                                                                                      Talented and charming actress Kirsty Stewart sat down  with a few of us drama geeks to talk about her role as “the girl” in Visible Fictions’ upcoming show “The Hunted”.

Described as “an orphan and a bit of a loner” who “finds it difficult to trust”, the character of “the girl” will be identifiable by most young people in the audience. Essentially this “girl” (for lack of an official name) sets out to be a personification of the politics of being a young adult.

So what exactly are the parallels between a young girl from a time long, long ago and the modern-day teenager?

“She is being told what to do by her society” says Stewart. Something we could all relate to at one point in our lives.

“Why do you listen to that god-awful music?” “Don’t you think that outfit is a bit… risqué?” “Get off the computer and get a job!” “You need to start thinking about your future…” “Why can’t you study something with better job stability?”

We have, literally all been there before. This time is no different. A girl craving to explore the world around her, to stray from the path and merely follow her heart, whatever the outcome. But no. Some adult, in this case “the elder” of the village who takes care of her, will always be there to tell her what she should do with her future. She will not be a hunter as she wishes; it is not a profession for a girl, for a child. And so she will follow “the hunter” into the woods as a means of escaping society’s expectations. Teenage Rebellion 101.

When asked about her own adolescence, Stewart opened up about the expectations put on her to follow a more mainstream career path.

“You were a black sheep if you were anything but normal.”

And yet, even under the pressure to be something “normal”, and a lack of artistic opportunities in her town, as a result, Stewart stepped out and revelled in her desire to be something more than ordinary. She would be part of the creation of something extraordinary.

And so, with less than two weeks to go till curtain up, what has Kirsty Stewart got to tell audiences about “The Hunted”?

“The hunter gives her the opportunity to put down her defenses” creating an interesting dynamic for audiences to watch. “The girl” is brought into the world she always wanted to be a part of. But what will happen when the hunter becomes the hunted?

“The Hunted” will be performed at EPT on Friday 30th September; 1pm and 8pm. Tickets £7/ £5 concession. Tickets for the production are available here or by phoning the Box Office on 0141 577 4970

Audiences are also invited to a live Wolf Hunt in Rouken Glen Park preceding the 8pm showing on the 30th. Click here for more information. 


Do your part. Join the Hunt.

The Hunted: In Rehearsal

15 09 2011

“Crazy magical stuff”                               

The Hunted comes to EPT Friday 30th September

That’s what director Douglas Irvine told me last week about his new production, Visible Fictions’ “The Hunted” as they embark upon an intense rehearsal period before their première in Eastwood Park Theatre at the end of the month. This is what we saw…

Entering the rehearsal space- Govan Institute- armed with my notebook     and camera, I was met by an atmosphere that can only be described as serene as we interrupted the all important read through of the provisional script. Despite such interruption, one could tell that nothing could shake the impenetrable concentration of actor, director and playwright while they began to piece together the prose to create a drama which has not been “created in Scotland for a long time” says Irvine.

 The play, loosely based on the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood follows the story of a young girl living in a time long ago, who feels that what she’s got is not enough and decides to take a risk and stray from the path chosen for her . When asked if he could relate to such a feeling of being stuck in one’s society’s expectations, Irvine simply told me that “everyone feels restricted by something” . For Irvine, the life of an actor stifled his ability to tap into his full creative potential, and so he took a risk by starting directing for Visible Fictions. As a result, Irvine can now “create work that is slightly different”.

“The Hunted” is undoubtedly something different. Combining elements of fantasy, romance, horror and even science- fiction, the play promises audiences something “scientific, superstitious, primal” as “The Hunted” attempts to “redefine that tale” and become a piece of theatre that questions the very world we live in.

Check out for more rehearsal pictures!

Friday 30th September 1pm and 8pm. Call box office on 0141 577 4970. Or, you can now book online.

Do your part. Join The Hunt.

 As part of the première of “The Hunted”, EPT audiences are invited along to Join The Hunt at Eastwood, where rumours of a wild wolf in Rouken Glen Park have pushed authorities to take action in the form of our very own Hunt preceeding the showing of “The Hunted” at 8pm.

June at EPT

1 06 2011

Winding down for the summer break, we’ve nevertheless got a couple of treats for you, in the form of some massive cinema classics, the return of the ever popular Harlequin Youth Theatre and a brand new exhibition of some of the best new talent from around Scotland in our gallery. 


When Evan Goldman’s parents get divorced and he’s forced to move from New York to a small town in Indiana, all he wants is to make friends and survive the school year.  Easier said than done. The star quarterback is threatening to ruin his life and his only friend, Patrice, won’t talk to him.  The school freak sees an opportunity for blackmail and someone is spreading the nastiest rumours.  With an unforgettable rock score from Tony Award-winning composer Jason Robert Brown, 13 is a hilarious, high-energy musical for all ages about discovering that cool is where you find it, and sometimes where you least expect it.

Wednesday 8– Saturday 11 June | 7.30pm + 2.30pm Saturday matinee
Tickets £10-£12

June’s also a chance for Playtime, an end-of-term showcase for all our fabulously talented East Renfrewshire Youth Theatre groups. With pieces developed from their weekly drama classes and shaped with direction from their tutors– all professional theatre-makers– our classes from Netherlee, Barrhead, Clarkston, Fairweather and Williamwood all take to the stage for an afternoon of unique entertainment!

Saturday 18 June | 2 pm
Standard £3

For more information about ERYT classes, contact the Community Drama Team on 0141 577 4863.


This month we continue our Big Screen Sundays with a true cinema classic for all the family, The Wizard of Oz. Over 70 years old and still just as magical, The Wizard of Oz tells the story of Kansas farm-girl Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) who is one day swept up in a mysterious tornado and swiftly deposited in the wonderfully disconbobulating land of Oz, where she meets various friends and foes on her journey to find the elusive wizard, the only person who might be able to get her home.

Certificate U

Sunday 12 June | 1pm
Standard £4
Concession £3

And on Monday, pop in for the most epic of romances with Hollywood classic Gone With The Wind. Against the turbulent backdrop of the American Civil War, scheming and manipulative Scarlett O’Hara carries on a tempestuous love affair with the roughish Rhett Butler. As always, enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee with the movie.

Certificate PG

Monday 13 June | 11am
Standard £4
Concession £3


From Friday 3rd June to Wednesday the 29th, EPT’s gallery will be hosting a brilliant new exhibition by a range of emerging new talents from the west of Scotland.

Mon 9–  Tues 31 May
Entrance to the Gallery is FREE

or more information on upcoming events check out the May–August 2011 programme, and don’t forget you can follow all the latest news on EPT’s Facebook or Twitter or right here on the Blog.

Clockwork: Day 6

21 05 2011

“If you’ve ever wanted to live in a fairytale, go and see it!!” 

Missed any of the pretty visuals we’ve regaled you with this week? Have a glance at some stills from the show:

Only 24 hours left!!! Book your tickets for Clockwork now by calling EPT’s Box Office on 0141 577 4970.

And as a special offer, if you quote the code ‘Otto Offer’ at the box office, you can get your tickets for the amazing price of only £3 each!!!

Sunday 22 May | 2pm
Standard £7
Concession £5

Clockwork: Day 5

20 05 2011

“Ok, so the brochure says ‘ages eight and over’, and you think this is a kids’ show. Don’t be put off! Excellence has no age limit!…” 

Just in case our Young PromotERs haven’t yet managed to convince you, take a look at what some, eh, less sprightly critics have to say… the moment the black-clad cast – three actor-singers, two musicians – drift on-stage, as if lured by the tick-tock clicking of rhythm sticks, they collude brilliantly in bringing the story alive…“– The Herald ****

Douglas Irvine’s adaptation is brisk and beautiful…as it juggles sets and terrific puppets and strong woodcut-style visual images… –The Scotsman ****

From the opening tick tock to the final heartbeat, this is a world-class piece of work…— Onstage Scotland

Book your tickets for Clockwork now by calling EPT’s Box Office on 0141 577 4970.

Sunday 22 May | 2pm
Standard £7
Concession £5