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Welcome to the page for our young promotERs, a new group of 14 – 25 year olds who are interested in the arts. If you are interested in working on art, comedy, dance, drama, film and/or music events or would like to find out more about events management and marketing…..this is the group for you! All members receive free/discounted tickets for events and the chance to gain valuable work experience.

If you would like to come and join us email us at

Wednesday 2nd March 6.30pm EPT (UPDATED!)

Theatre company Visable Fictions (the same guys who did ‘Curse of the Demeter’) are coming along to talk about new project ‘Wolf’ they’re excited about getting us involved with after summertime– sounds like it’s gonna be great; you don’t want to miss this one!

Lynn McAdam, our new Media Officer is also going to talk about how we can get more involved in promotional work for EPT, then afterwards we’ll go and see Gagarin Way— make sure to let Fiona know if you can make it so she can book the tickets.

Tuesday 18th January 4-5pm EPT

First meeting of 2011!!! As your first film (Ghostbusters) we’ll be getting together to discuss flyering and how you are going to market the two films.  We also now have a date for the next band night in June, and expect some information about possible funding for a bigger project in the future.

Saturday 11th December       6.30pm                 EPT

We will be discussing the plan for Band Night 2011 and the brochure for next season. We will then go and see the Christmas Murder Mystery performed by our very own Intermediate and Senior ERYT groups at 7.30pm.

Friday 8th of October           6.30pm                         EPT

We will discuss the Band Night and come up with ideas for young promotER programme for Jan – Apr 2011.  We will then go to see The Weir (Mull Theatre) at 7.30pm.

Friday 16th September       6.30pm                 EPT

We will meet with Vox Populus (young PR company) to plan for our Band Night.  We will then go and see The Not-Do-Fatal Death of Granpa Fredo at 7.30pm

Friday 2nd of July                     5 – 6pm                        Eastwood Park Theatre

We will meet with Kayleigh McLeod from Eastwood Today who will talk to us about working as a journalist and about how best to work with local press.  We will also talk about young promotER reviews as they recently published one by Andrea (Salsa Celtica).

If you are interested in joining this group, contact Fiona Ferguson at

Young PromotER Review -12 February 2010
Promises Promises is a fabulous show, originally written as a radio play, Johnny McKnight a fabulous director, has changed this show for the stage. Through the intricate details of Set, Sound and light, he manages to effectively portray the changing setting, and the continuous plot, to the audience. I would throughly reccomend coming to see any of Johnny’s shows, as many of them are out of this world!
by Neil Campbell


Thursday 11th February, 6.30pm
Eastwood Park Theatre

In addition to discussing the two subgroups we want to start (Fundraising/Events and Marketing/Promotions) we have three invited guests at this meeting who will talk about the following:

Judith Riddell and Audrey Black
Both Judith and Audrey work for Scottish Opera and run two similar groups to our young promotERs. They will talk to you about the projects they have been running and you can ask them about the work they do.

Lissa Lorenzo
Lissa has just taken over as the Director for our Exchange project and will be doing some drama development work here. She will talk to you about that and about her previous job as Head of Education at the macrobert where she ran a similar group to ours called the Young Consultants.

After this we will all together to see Promises Promises by Random Accomplice at 7.30pm.


Update 7 January – Young promotERs Meeting

The next meeting of our young promotERs will take place at Eastwood Park Theatre at 6pm on Monday the 18th of January 2010. We will be looking at the season coming up, meeting Councillor Montague and attending the opening of Celebrating Success (an exhibition showcasing work from all seven of our secondary schools’ art departments).
If you would like to join us, please contact Fiona Ferguson on 0141 577 3710 or


Update 6 November 2009

Following our meeting here is an update from Rebecca.

“Exchange sounds awesome and I am so looking forward to meeting the other groups. Their directors seem really nice and up for a lot of fun work. The five master classes also sound amazing and they cover a wide range of different interests. This years festival will be so cool and I can’t wait to get more involved and start planning our show!”


Update 4 November 2009


So tonight is the night we find out more about the NTS Exchange project and what is in store for us over the next nine months! Rebecca Hanssen (young promotER), Charlotte Allan (Community Drama Worker) and Fiona Ferguson (Arts Development Officer) are going to the first meeting at Civic House tonight. Further details to follow…..!

More info here in the meantime


Update 20 October 2009

Curse of the Demeter by Andrea Preston

Well…at first, I was a little unsure of the play: i was a bit scared I wouldn’t remember all of the different characters played by the two actors, or if i would even notice when they changed. Thankfully, as the play progressed, i noticed how the two actors’ subtle variety in voice and movement conveyed the different characters…Also, even my mother had to comment on how well the actors played- learning so many lines one after the other and pulling it off seamlessly between just two actors was very impressive. Overall this approach was very stylistic and effective. The use of lights and sounds, particualrily the red spot and microphone used for the vampire were very effective. Again, stylistic use of the video camera created a tense and scary atmosphere. I think it was great how the play was very eerie, yet very subtle most of the time…not your run-of-the-mill horror/thriller approach, but i think it all worked very well. A thoroughly enjoyed play, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a little scare and a great piece of drama.


Update 19 October 2009

Curse of the Demeter by Daniel McIntosh

I thought that the Curse of The Demeter was a great play. The storyline was very good and the theatre techniques they used were very well thought out. The use of the video camera was first class. The actors played there parts fantastically and did extremely well for the amount of work they had to do as 2 people. I would definitely reccomend seeing this play as it is one of the best i have seen in the last 3 or 4 years.

Update 13 October 2009

Vox Motus: Bright Black by Christine Irvine

The paradoxical title of Vox Motus’ new production Bright Black is a perfect two- word description of the performance itself.
Not shying away from the darkest of subject matter— one young woman’s struggle to come to terms with the sudden death of her boyfriend, delving into the most heart-wrenching recesses of guilt and grief and despair—the audience could be forgiven for being a little bit anxious. However, Vox Motus— with characteristic wildness of imagination— bring this morbid tale to life with a beautiful production that blends sensitive choreography, a soul-churning score, powerful central performances and spectacular visual effects to create a production that while always affecting, never threatens to overwhelm.

Clocking in at under an hour long, the performance is less of a narrative and more of a prolonged meditation on the manifestation of grief. Claire, the protagonist of the story, locks herself in the flat she used to share with her boyfriend, struggling with the terrifyingly enticing spectre of her grief as she resolutely packs her memories into bin-bags and refuses to answer the concerns of her best friend as she curls up in her dead boyfriend’s coat.

The minimalism of the cast accentuates the psychic claustrophobia of Claire’s situation. Meline Danielewicz’s pitch-perfect performance as the central protagonist is enough to carry the show, always wrenchingly honest in her depiction of Claire’s overwhelming grief, and the audience can’t help but be drawn into her shattered, shadowy world.
Opposite Claire, Cerberus prowls around the dilapidated walls of her flat and of her mind. As an embodiment of all the torment Claire feels over her boyfriend’s death, Cerberus is in turns horrifyingly accusatory and a perfect solace— a juxtaposition that Martin McCormick pulls off with such sensitivity and passion it’s quite nearly terrifying.

However, as engaging as the characters are, it is the wonderful art direction that really steals the show. It would be hard to find a set more deceptively simplistic: for much of the time, all the audience sees is a metal frame suggesting the walls and the ceiling of the room Claire finds herself in. As the play progresses however, Claire draws windows and doors and bottles of Jack Daniel’s into existence as she requires them, subtly reinforcing the idea that all the really important action is going on inside Claire’s head as she battles through the day in a flat haunted by memories and the violent phantom of her own tangled grief. The company’s subtle but expert use of Black Art techniques never detracts from the emotion of the story, but only enhances it, capturing the audience’s imagination and refusing to let them leave unchallenged.

These elements come together to create an engaging, though-provoking performance that manages to portray difficult emotions in a way that’s magnetic and nearly always beautiful. Bright Black is yet another triumph of imagination from a theatre company whose ingenuity and boldness continues to grow with every production.

Update 9 October 2009

So, we had our first meeting with 13 of the 17 new young promotERs coming along.  It was a great evening, filled with hot chocolate, laughter and even a few tears (at Bright Black not our list of tasks to do!).  We will be posting information soon about future events but check out this page next week for Christine’s review of Bright Black and our meeting.

We still have places left so if you are interested in joining us email


First Meeting


The first meeting of the young promotERs will take place at 6.30pm on Friday 2nd of October.
After a short chat about what things people are interested in we will go to see Bright Black here at EPT. If you are interested in joining us email me at



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