Clockwork: Day 2

17 05 2011

“PUPPETS ARE DISTURBING… transforming an old folk tale into a stylish and harrowing performance, this is Visible Fiction’s ‘Clockwork‘…” 

Doctor Kalmenius– the mysterious and shadowy villain conjured up from the recesses of a foolish boy’s fantastical imagination? The saviour of a royal linage and a young couple’s broken dreams? Or something much, much darker…?

He could have made his fortune if he’d wanted to, but he wasn’t interested in fortune or fame. He was interested in something far deeper than that. he would spend hours sitting in graveyards, contemplating the mysteries of life and death. Some said he experimented on dead bodies. Others said he was in league with the powers of darkness. No-one knew for certain. But one thing they did know was that he used to walk about at night, pulling behind him a little sledge containing whatever secret matter he was working on at the time…”*

But how exactly do you untangle fantasy and reality, when they’re wound so tightly together?

Book your tickets for Clockwork now by calling EPT’s Box Office on 0141 577 4970.

Sunday 22 May | 2pm
Standard £7
Concession £5

*Philip  Pullman, Clockwork, 27




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