Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

16 01 2013

Wednesday 23 – Saturday 26 Januarycat hot tin roof 3

Giffnock Theatre Players


Written by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Walter Paul

7.30pm each evening
2.30pm Saturday matinee

Big Daddy has come home from the clinic on his 65th birthday, and his children plan to tell him he is dying of cancer. Mae and Gooper have brought their entire brood in an attempt to jostle Brick and Maggie out of their share of the estate. Their marriage is childless and on-the-rocks; Brick has quit his job and taken to drinking upon the death of Skipper, a friend for whom he harboured sexual desire.

“What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?—I wish I knew…
Just staying on it, I guess, as long as she can…”

This classic American play brings life and death crashing in all around it.

Tickets £8 – £10

Book Online
Box office 0141 577 4956

Tickets also available from 0141 876 1296 or email




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