Family Storytime

14 01 2013

Scottish Youth TheatreFST_webversion

An interactive storytelling adventure for under 7’s and all the family!
Laugh, play, jump and shout – that’s what Family Storytime is all about! These popular interactive storytelling adventures never fail to delight audiences aged 7 years and under and all the family. So come along for a taste of Family Storytime magic…

Sunday 10 February

11am & 1.30pm

My Peach Darling: A Japanese tale

An old man and his wife were very sad that they could not have a child of their own. One day, when washing clothes by the river, the old woman found a peach floating by. The old woman took the peach to her husband, who, to his surprise, when slicing the peach open, found a beautiful baby boy! They called him ‘Peach Darling’ and he grew into a noble and strong young man, who decided he must try to defeat the terrible monster Akandoji. On his way, he enlisted the help of many animal friends. Did he succeed?

Saturday 23 February

11am & 1.30pm

How Raven Stole Crows Potlatch : A Native American tale

Meet Raven, the crafty bird from the Pacific Northwest, who can magically turn into a man (and any other animal) and back again in the blink of an eye. After a few failed attempts at trying to pinch food from other animals, Raven decides that his cousin Crow will be an easy target. Raven convinces Crow to throw a big party, a ‘potlatch’, and there Raven uses his shape shifting ability to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Sunday 10 March

11am & 1.30pm

Rashiecoats: A Scottish tale

Rashiecoats is the princess in her father’s kingdom. Bold, beautiful and strong-willed, Rashiecoats was raised by her father and hen-wife nanny, who taught the princess many lessons and some magic too. When Rashiecoats has tried all she can to avoid marrying a man she cannot love, her only option is to leave her kingdom and search the world outside for her one true love. After a long journey through kingdom after kingdom, Rashiecoats finds herself working as a maid but true love is not far away..

Sunday 31 March

11am & 1.30pm

Stories of the Tortoise Ljapa

The little tortoise Ljapa appears in a series of African stories which see him faced with big challenges. As he is one of the smallest and weakest of all the animals, Ljapa has to think of other ways to prove himself. These stories see Ljapa outsmart the likes of elephants, hippos, swallows and lizards. Each of these tales offer a wise lesson for everyone to take home and remember!

Standard £6
Family £18

babies & under 2’s go free

Book online:

Tel box office: 0141 577 4956




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