The Monster In The Hall @ Barrhead High School

24 08 2012

Monday 10 September, 7.30pm

A low budget indie comedy musical about a girl on the verge of a nervous breakdown played out by four actors and a big fat motorbike which goes vrrooommm.

 Duck Macatarsney cares for her biker dad whose MS is getting increasingly bad. Her Dad – Duke – is a spliff smoking (for medicinal reasons you understand), bike riding, heavy metal and horror movie loving, pizza eating widower who’s brought up Duck since the death of her Mother in a crash. The two of them are just about surviving when one morning the Duke wakes up blind and the Duck hears that the Social Services are coming to take her away. 

The Monster in the Hall follows Duck as she tries to protect her world from the terrifying prospect of change.

Recommended for ages 14+


Standard – £10
Concession/Child – £8

Book online:
Box office: 0141 577 4970

Discounts available to school groups. Contact Alana Brady to book 0141 577 3710





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