Eastwood Park Gallery: Alina Kisina – City of Home

6 03 2012

|   March 5 – April 30

Alina Kisina: City of Home 32

Alina Kisina’s photographic series ‘City of Home’ might, at first glance, seem merely aimed at capturing the daily life of her hometown of Kiev, Ukraine. Yet Kisina’s strangely evocative photographs are concerned less with documentary impressions than with opening up realms above and beyond the mundane images that define the surface of her work. For the subway steps, skylines, facades, and factory lots that Kisina depicts resonate with an order that seems not of this world. Her pictures—often quite literally—reflect realms that seem to exist side-by-side with or beyond the mere material givens of her everyday subject matter. Although superficially static, her serene, perfectly composed photographs actively lead us into higher realms that are uplifting and light: they cause us to transcend the materiality of everyday existence and enter into planes of experience heretofore unknown.

Alina Kisina is a self-taught Ukrainian photographer living in London. She regularly returns to her native land to take pictures that use a mixture of abstraction and representation suggesting a reality beyond that of the things actually shown. In 2010 Kisina’s work from the exhibition ‘Zerkalo|Mirror’ was featured in ‘Thinking in Unity after Postmodernism’ – an international conference on innovative approaches to aesthetics, literature and film at the University of Munich. Work from the series ‘City of Home’ was shown at Format 2011, an international photography festival in Derby.

The exhibition runs until 30 April

0141 577 4970

Alina Kisina: City of Home 38




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