Mull Theatre presents Singing Far Into the Night

21 09 2011

Saturday 1 October | 7.30pm

Playwright Hamish MacDonald has been able to draw on family history in bringing to life this story of the Invergordon Mutiny.

Many Navy men lost their careers, and some were even reduced to begging. Staff on a communist newspaper which voiced their support of the uprising and were arrested for mutiny. Some became politicised and joined the communist party. The fallout from this time of political and industrial strife was to have far-reaching outcomes for everyone involved. The real stories of ordinary lives caught up in world-changing events have inspired this play. 

A stylish, profound and moving play based on real lives and real events in Scotland and Russia in 1931. Connal MacNab comes home on leave to find Glasgow in the grip of political and industrial strife. When British authority is shaken by an uprising within the Atlantic Fleet at Invergordon, Connal and his revolutionary friends find the world changing beyond recognition. Caught in sweeping narrative, from the volatile streets of Glasgow, to Invergordon, Stalinist USSR and on to present-day Scotland, through riot, asylum, prison and gulag, this is a play about courage, identity, separation and loss, and shows what can happen when the high hand of authority is ultimately disobeyed.

Call the box office on 0141 577 4970 or book online




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