The Hunted: In Rehearsal

15 09 2011

“Crazy magical stuff”                               

The Hunted comes to EPT Friday 30th September

That’s what director Douglas Irvine told me last week about his new production, Visible Fictions’ “The Hunted” as they embark upon an intense rehearsal period before their première in Eastwood Park Theatre at the end of the month. This is what we saw…

Entering the rehearsal space- Govan Institute- armed with my notebook     and camera, I was met by an atmosphere that can only be described as serene as we interrupted the all important read through of the provisional script. Despite such interruption, one could tell that nothing could shake the impenetrable concentration of actor, director and playwright while they began to piece together the prose to create a drama which has not been “created in Scotland for a long time” says Irvine.

 The play, loosely based on the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood follows the story of a young girl living in a time long ago, who feels that what she’s got is not enough and decides to take a risk and stray from the path chosen for her . When asked if he could relate to such a feeling of being stuck in one’s society’s expectations, Irvine simply told me that “everyone feels restricted by something” . For Irvine, the life of an actor stifled his ability to tap into his full creative potential, and so he took a risk by starting directing for Visible Fictions. As a result, Irvine can now “create work that is slightly different”.

“The Hunted” is undoubtedly something different. Combining elements of fantasy, romance, horror and even science- fiction, the play promises audiences something “scientific, superstitious, primal” as “The Hunted” attempts to “redefine that tale” and become a piece of theatre that questions the very world we live in.

Check out for more rehearsal pictures!

Friday 30th September 1pm and 8pm. Call box office on 0141 577 4970. Or, you can now book online.

Do your part. Join The Hunt.

 As part of the première of “The Hunted”, EPT audiences are invited along to Join The Hunt at Eastwood, where rumours of a wild wolf in Rouken Glen Park have pushed authorities to take action in the form of our very own Hunt preceeding the showing of “The Hunted” at 8pm.



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