Spotlight on Bette/Cavett stars Grant Smeaton and Gordon Munro

14 09 2011

Tuesday 27 September | 8pm

Actor and director Grant Smeaton has worked extensively in theatre, TV and film.  Theatre credits include Valhalla, Bliss + Mud, Elysian Fields, The Celts in Seville, Sexual Perversity in Chicago, Waiting for Godot, Accidental Death Of An Anarchist, The Devils, Inferno, Spend a Penny and Talking Heads. He has worked with theatre companies across the country and most recently co-wrote, directed and played the lead role in the Grant Smeaton Presents… sell out production of Whatever Happened To Benny Hill at the Tron Theatre.  He is the founder and has been artistic director of Hopscotch Theatre and Tangerine Productions directing more than 50 shows including Abigail’s Party, Spurt! and Torch Song Trilogy. TV work includes Scotch & Wry, Taggart, The Ferguson Theory, Rab C Nesbit and BBC Scotland’s Only an Excuse.


On his role as Bette Davis, Smeaton says: “Bette Davis was on dazzling form for this 1971 TV appearance,” “there’s a real chemistry between Davis and Cavett and she talks very bluntly about co-stars like Joan Crawford and Errol Flynn. But this is no drag act. I want to be true to the spirit of Bette Davis and convey something of the stature of the stars of Hollywood’s golden era.  Unlike most of today’s celebrities, Davis had nothing to sell in this interview with American chat show host Dick Cavett.  She’s there to talk about her philosophy on life.”



Gordon Munro, a graduate from RSAMD, has also worked extensively in theatre, TV, radio and film.  Theatre highlights include Still Life, One Flew over the Cookoo’s Nest, Macbeth, Torch Song Trilogy, Entertaining Mister Sloan and Diary of a Madman and he has worked with theatre companies across the country.   Radio work includes six series of the BBC sketch show The WHY Front, representing Scotland in the BBC Comedy Nations Cup, and he can be heard every Saturday on Radio Scotland’s Off the Ball.  TV and film credits include Hauns, Complicity, Taggart, Still Game, Hamish McBeth, Cracked and River City


On playing the role of Dick Cavett, Gordon says: “It was probably the most challenging role I’ve had in a long time but it was great fun researching the part as I was able to watch many of his interviews on youtube to get a handle on his character. In some of his interviews with people like David Bowie and Jimmy Hendrix he seemed really ill at ease but he also had a kind of inner confidence and downright ‘cheesiness’ that somehow pulls him through. He also has a very strange accent (born in Nebraska) and once I had done my best to master that it was a lot easier to put the components into place to play him. It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of a unique piece of theatre and I hope this won’t be the last time I put on Dicks wig and go on stage and say ‘That feels so good..’” 


Standard     £12
Concession  £10
Student         £8





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