Arthur: the Story of a King

7 09 2011

Sun 11 September, 4pm
Mon 12 September, 10.30am


The legend returns!

Only 3 more days until the fantastic Wee Stories arrive at Eastwood Park Theatre with their brilliant new show “Arthur, The Story of a King”

This new production brings Wee Stories’ unique storytelling style and acclaimed sense of humour to the legendary tale of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.  


So, travel back in time to the Dark Ages (called that not because it was dark, but because it’s a time we don’t know much about) and join three (almost) grown men armed only with several boxes of cornflakes as they set out on a quest to discover the real Arthur, the man behind the mask. 

Suitable for ages 6+

Standard      £7
Concession   £5


“Not since Monty Python has King Arthur been this much fun. Absolutely top class theatre, whatever age you are.” The Sunday Herald

A roaring success and a breathtaking triumphThe Scotsman


WINNER Theatrical Management Association (TMA) Award for
 ‘Best Show for Children and Young People’

WINNER Critics’ Award for Theatre in Scotland (CATS) Award for
‘Best Show for Children and Young People’




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