Clockwork: Day 1

16 05 2011

Counting down to this Sunday’s production of Clockwork, every day this week at 2pm (like clockwork!) we’ll be bringing you a tiny sneak peak of Visible Fictions & Scottish Opera’s magical adaptation of Philip Pullman’s spine-tingling novella, accompanied by some one-sentence reviews from our Young PromotERs, who were lucky enough to see it before anyone else!

First of all, like all good stories, let’s set the scene…

“Once upon a time (when time ran by clockwork), a strange event took place in a little German town… It began on a winter’s evening, when the townsfolk were gathering in the White Horse tavern. The snow was blowing down from the mountains, and the wind was making the bells shift restlessly in the clock tower. The windows were steamed up, the stove was blazing brightly, Putzi the old black cat was snoozing by the hearth; and the air was full of the rich smells of sausage and sauerkraut, of tobacco and beer…” *

“A hauntingly beautiful fairytale that blurs the line so thoroughly between what’s real and what isn’t, you’ll think twice before opening your next storybook!”

Book your tickets now by calling EPT’s Box Office on 0141 577 4970.

Sunday 22 May | 2pm
Standard £7
Concession £5

*Philip  Pullman, Clockwork, 11-12




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