Yiddish Song Project Factfile: Stephanie Brickman (vocals)

9 11 2010

“Everytime we play we rescue these beautiful songs from dusty archives and help Yiddish live and breathe…”

With Yiddish Song Project’s Eastwood Park return only five days away, check out vocalist Stephanie Brickman’s musings on the band’s appeal, the beauty of Yiddish music and where she finds her inspiration.

“Yiddish Song Project is different from other bands. Take our audience, for example. No well-defined demographic for us. We attract funky young world music fans and we attract some seriously old people as well. By no means are all of the funky youngsters Jewish, but 100 per cent of the oldies are, and therefore come up at the end to pinch our cheeks and find out if they, or someone they know, are related to any of us.

I’ve been singing since the age of four. I’ve had very little training but I’ve always listened.
Having been brought up on a diet of Motown (from my mother) and Brazilian music (from my father) I started off my singing career doing traditional folk music.

I learned Yiddish as an adult and I instantly fell in love with the language. I had always dismissed the music as being a bit “oompa, oompa” but I quickly discovered how wrong I was. I had been singing jazz and folk music since my teens, but discovering Yiddish music was like opening a treasure chest of songs, stories, melodies, cadences, and history. I was hooked.”

View the full article written by Stephanie Brickman for The Jewish Chronicle.

Sunday 14th November | 7.30pm
Standard £10
Concession £8




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