Reeling and Writhing present: If I Was a Mouse I Would Hide in Your Hood

1 11 2010

If I was a mouse image 1The acrobatic tail of an ordinary mouse dangles deliciously before us…

On the road again following its sell-out Spring tour, Reeling and Writhing return to Eastwood Park Theatre with their whimsical family show If I was a Mouse I Would Hide in Your Hood. So snuggle in and cozy up for an enchanting tale of imagination, friendship and discovery.

Mouse wants to play games, ask questions, fly to the moon and go to the party. But she’s shy. She likes hide and seek best of all (mostly hiding) but there’s no-one to find her – until a new family move in.

If I was a Mouse… is an intimate adventure told by two performer-puppeteers made of tricks and tales, puppets and people, music, mice and friends, brought to life with more than a whisker of fairy tale magic…

“A beautifully crafted tale… simply enchanting. The 45 minutes flew by…” Primary Times

Suitable for children aged 3-6 and their families, friends, schools and nurseries

Sunday 7th—Monday 8th November | 11am | 1.30pm

Standard £4




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