Frozen Charlotte present: Paperbelle

15 10 2010

PaperbPaperbelle image1elle, an enchanting new production for young children and their families.

Discover a magical world made of paper. Graph paper, lined paper, newspaper and brown paper cover the walls on which drawings are finished, half-finished and not yet started.

Paperbelle’s world is blank and plain and she likes it that way. She’s heard of colour; but would prefer things to stay as they are – blank and plain. The colours, on the other hand, want to play games and they want Paperbelle to join in. Paperbelle’s world is changing – will she try to stop it or might she find it’s not as bad as it first seemed…?

From  the creators of Moussa’s Castle (‘beautifully crafted, utterly engaging’ – The Herald) and Peep (‘a delightful piece of immersive theatre’ The Stage) Frozen Charlotte has established a reputation as one of Scotland’s leading producers of magical and original work for very young children.

Paperbelle is suitable for children aged 2 – 5 years and their families, friends, school and nurseries.

Sunday 17th October | 10am | 2pm

Monday 18th—Wednesday 20th October | 10.30am | 1.30pm

Standard £4




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