Masterclass Series: The Weir

30 09 2010

The Ghost in the Story – Creative Writing with Alison Miller

Sunday 3 October | 2 – 6pm
Eastwood Park Theatre

The Weir is about people lThe Weir: Three men in the pub in irelandosing and looking for kindred spirits. McPherson makes you see that a “ghost” might not be just a figure from a creepy folk tale or a mirage of someone already dead. It could also be the image of a soul-mate long dreamed of, of a living person … who comes to fill a dark, sad gap in [an] isolated life …” Daily Telegraph

In this workshop we will examine the variety of ghosts that find their way into the stories we tell.  Whether it’s the spirit of a dead loved one, a menacing outside force, or a memory of loss that won’t let go of a character; whether we write about them directly or they insinuate themselves between the lines, we will experiment with different ways to create a story – haunted and haunting.

* Participants of this workshop will be eligible for a special £5 ticket price for The Weir (Friday 8th October, 7.30pm) subject to availability.




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