The Moira Monologues: Times When I Bite

27 04 2010

Written and Performed by Alan Bissett
Directed by Sacha Kyle
Friday 7 May, 7.30pm
Tickets £7 / £5

Novelist Alan Bissett takes to the stage to perform his own one-woman show, ‘The Moira Monologues’, a series of stories from Falkirk’s hardest woman, Moira Bell.  Whether defending her ‘snookelums pookelums’ from the local rottweiler, attempting to seduce a teacher in the school where she works as a cleaner, or belting out Diana Ross for the Scotia karaoke night, Moira is hilarious and heartwarming company.  A thrilling performance from one of Scotland’s most exciting young writers.

Watch an interview with Alan Bissett

“One of the undoubted highlights of the Aye Write! Festival.  Bissett’s creation was so well-drawn and acted that you had to remind yourself it wasn’t actually Moira onstage.  It completely took the Mitchell Theatre over, with the audience laughing and crying with Moira all the way.” – The Skinny

Alan Bissett has talent to burn. Not only does he write novels which have people uttering words like ‘virtuoso’ and ‘genius’, he clearly put as much stock in performing his words as he does in getting them down in the first place.” – Brian Donaldon, The Scotsman

“A roaring theatrical success. This is brilliant stuff, an exhilaratingly fresh take on the whole business of class and culture in Scotland. It’s also so funny that some in the audience were literally shouting with laughter; over a character and a performance that will surely have a long continuing life, after this week’s brief run in Glasgow.” – Joyce Macmillan **** The Scotsman

“By playing it fearlessly straight, Bissett makes for the most believable of neighborhood gossips.” – Neil Cooper
**** The Herald




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