Pobby and Dingan

16 03 2010

Sunday 28 March, 3pm | Wednesday 31 March, 1.30pm

Catherine Wheels Theatre Company in association with Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh presents
By Ben Rice
Adapted for the stage by Rob Evans

Sometimes we have to believe in the impossible

What if you lived in the middle of nowhere?

What if your dad spent all day searching for something he might never find?

What if your mum dreamed of living on the other side of the world?

And what if your sister was a fruit-loop who spent all day playing with two invisible friends?

12 year-old Ashmol lives in the Australian outback with his mum, dad and his little sister Kellyanne… and her two invisible friends Pobby and Dingan.

One day, Pobby and Dingan disappear.  At first Ashmol is happy that the imaginary friends are out of his life, but Kellyanne becomes sick. The longer Pobby and Dingan are lost, the sicker Kellyanne becomes.  Finally Ashmol decides that there is only one thing to do: he must find Pobby and Dingan.

Pobby and Dingan is a heartbreaking and beautiful contemporary tale about the possibility of dreams, the preciousness of hope and how, sometimes, we have to believe in the impossible.

Review from The Scotsman

Theatre Preview from The Herald




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