5 03 2010

Blackeyed Theatre in association with South Hill Park Arts Centre
| Friday 12 March 2010 | 7.30pm

Alfie at Eastwood Park Theatre

Made famous by movies starring Michael Caine and more recently Jude Law, Alfie is the brilliant, original stage play about a young man with an overwhelming desire for the ladies. You might say that ‘birds’ are irresistible to him, sort of second nature. There’s Ruby – ‘A lust box in beautiful condition’; Clare – ‘You’re all lathered in sweat, Alfie’; and Siddie, and Clara, and Annie – but who’s counting? Certainly not Alfie. Three in one evening if necessary. And necessary is the right word!

Alfie combines great comedy and genuine pathos as it tells the story of a cockney ‘Don Juan’ who swaggers and philosophises his way from conquest to conquest, carefully rejecting anyone or anything that might touch him too deeply.


“Smacks you like an Alfie kiss”
York Press

“I found myself immersed within minutes in the Alfie of Eddie Elks. Totally believable, intensely watchable, images of Caine and Law blown out my head, Eddie made the role his own. Not only Alfie but every single member of this five piece, multi role playing cast performed out of their skins… get yourself a ticket for yourselves, your teenage kids, tell your friends and strangers in the street. Pack out theatre’s and forget cosy nights in front of reality TV.”
Head to Foot

“Edward Elks gives us a convincing Alfie – a finely judged performance with just the right degree of swagger and charm to make his many conquests utterly credible. Playing five of the women in his life, Gabrielle Meadows and Lisa Howard were outstanding, creating a brilliantly delineated cast of Alfie’s women.”
Hereford Times

“Over forty years on, the work hasn’t dated at all, and it could hardly have been better served than by this highly versatile company from Berkshire who both act and accompany themselves instrumentally, and with Edward Elks in the lead role performance that was a true tour de force.”
Daily Echo

“Lisa Howard’s performance as Lily, a woman undergoing an illegal abortion, is breathtaking”
Portsmouth News

“Edward Elks is uncannily like Michael Caine. Looks, mannerisms and that appealing wide boy charm are recreated to perfection, while Elks still manages to bring his own personality and a sharp edge to the role… Multitasking in a variety of supporting roles, Ben Harrison, Lisa Howard, Gabrielle Meadows and Courtney Spence are excellent.”
The Stage

“The vibrant, multi-talented cast shine from the very start”
Harrogate Advertiser




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