3 11 2009


Our 16 – 25 youth drama group have just been accepted onto an NTS programme called Exchange.  It’s a brilliant opportunity for them and will take us to The Byre, St Andrews in July 2010 to perform as part of their international youth theatre festival.  So we are all looking forward to that!!!!

What is Exchange?

Exchange is a National Theatre of Scotland programme that brings together groups of young theatre-makers from across Scotland and beyond. Youth theatres, school drama groups, young theatre companies or any other group of young people interested in creating new and innovative theatre can participate. Groups who successfully apply are supported, both financially and professionally, to create a new piece of quality contemporary theatre that is devised and performed entirely by the groups themselves. Each piece of theatre is then performed as part of the Exchange festival week which will take place at the Byre Theatre, St Andrews from Monday 5th to Saturday 10th July 2010.

Exchange is a platform for communication and creativity for young theatre-makers where the aim is:

• to facilitate a national exchange between young theatre makers
• to open up opportunities to view international work
• to devise and produce new work by, and for, young people
• to share young people’s performance skills and experiences
• to stimulate new ideas and provide support to help these ideas become a reality

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