Eastwood Park Theatre in The Sun

19 10 2009

We’re all going Sean a Summer Holiday
Published: 07 Oct 2009

POPULAR STV weatherman Sean Batty has had a change of fronts this week – and become a musical star.
The baby-faced presenter is taking part in the stage production of Cliff Richard’s hit movie Summer Holiday.

But tone-deaf Batty insists he’s relieved he hasn’t been asked to sing.

Instead, the sunny 27-year-old has pre-recorded special weather forecasts that will be used in the show based on the hit 1963 film starring Sir Cliff and Una Stubbs.

Last night bright and breezy Sean said: “I was worried that I was going to be asked to sing the weather forecast for the musical, but luckily not.

“Perhaps the producer had seen my rather out-of-tune rendition of Rihanna’s song Umbrella that I performed on TV a few years back.

“Instead I have produced a series of voiceovers for them to use as a radio broadcast.”I start the show off by saying how nice the weather is everywhere apart from in London, where the show is set. If only that were normally the truth.”

The show is being staged at Glasgow’s Eastwood Park Theatre all this week by amateur performers from the Theatre Guild.

Sean added: “I attended my first musical just last year.”It was something that I wasn’t sure that I would like but, in fact, I thoroughly enjoyed it. “And I am really looking forward to seeing Summer Holiday this week.

“The people involved in this production are all volunteers.
“I have a real admiration for the stars of these shows who have to get up in front of a visible audience and perform.

“At least my audience are down the other end of the camera!”

Summer Holiday is on at Eastwood Park Theatre until Saturday. Tickets are priced from £12.50-£14.50. To book call 0141 577 4970.





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